Ethical & renewable design that is captured in a timeless & unique creation

Why the name “Coined”?

One of my favorite part of woodworking is seeing every artists spin on their creations.

I personally sign, number, and add a coin on the bottom of every piece I have the gift of creating.

The coin either signifies a year that is special to the client, or, the year the wood was ethically and renewably harvested.

This is my passion project to help educate on deforestation, woodworking, and different species of wood and their God given uses.

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No project is too big or small for us to create. Below we have selections of different build types of luxurious and one of a kind pieces we offer.


Bring a natural luxury piece into your living room, dining room, or office space with our custom tables builds.

Cutting & Charcuterie Boards

We can create the perfect kitchen addition that will last generations with one of our custom cutting boards or charcuterie boards.

Countertops & Islands

Adding a permanent signature coined live edge island or countertop can bring just a touch of nature to your living space.