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The Man Behind Coined

I have always enjoyed working with my hands. There is something about running your hand over a surface while envisioning what the potential outcome could be. I first started woodworking when I decided to build a live edge island in my kitchen. The process absolutely fascinated me and I was hooked.

It never ceasesĀ  to amaze me how each piece of wood can be from the exact same species but look so different. I consider myself a true naturalist when it comes to woodworking by allowing the wood to speak for itself. I do not believe in trying to tame the wood and force it into something it was not created for.

I enjoy embracing the God created beauty that each individual piece has to offer. If you allow me to create a one of a kind piece for you I hope it will last not only your life time but also the lifetime of your children. This is my passion, this is my way of allowing nature to speak through simplistic and minimal change.